Know Your Rights

The average “Joe” would probably be happy to walk in and sign a contract with little to no knowledge of what they are getting into. Then they are even happier to leave the blindfold on and let others dictate to them what they should be doing (In fact it’s usually only what the other party WANT you to do)
For me, personally, I like to be informed. I like to know my rights, What I CAN do and also what I CANNOT do. What I DON’T like is the corporates of the world trying to push me around for their own benefit.

Bring those thoughts into the realm of property and construction and the following links become a useful resource…
Note.. These links are Queensland related and it may be worth checking if they are the same for your state.

Property Law Act 1974
Property Law Regulation 2013
Land Act 1994
Land Regulation 2020
Land Sales Act 1984
Land Title Act 1994
Land Title Regulation 2015
Land Valuation Act 2010
Building Act 1975

The link below is the most important to me as it covers details that state how most Restrictive Covenants imposed on us by developers have no force or effect. Developers like to stifle the individual flair and force owners to build the same throughout the estate. This is a issue I feel very passionate about and will be very determined to not follow the sheep with my own home.
Building and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2009 

Building Regulation 2006
Building (Transitional) Regulation 2014

Land Title Practice Manual (Queensland)And in particular: Part 31 : Covenants

There may be others, but for the most these are the important items.

More can be found out by visiting Queensland Legislation Website